Winter Postal Leagues

We shoot two different rounds over winter, which are entered into postal leagues against other clubs around the region (DCAS league) and country (Selby League).

Indoors we shoot the Portsmouth round, which is 5 dozen arrows on a 60cm target face at 20yds. To fill the teams, we need a minimum of 6 recurve, 3 compound, 4 longbow, & 3 junior (1 may be compound).

Outdoors we shoot the Frostbite round, which is 3 dozen arrows on an 80cm target face at 30m. To fill the teams, we need a minimum of 6 recurve, 2 compound, and 4 longbow scores (although for DCAS, we need a total of 9 senior scores which can include up to 3 compound), and 3 juniors, 1 of which can be compound.

This is not just a competitive league, but a reason for us to get together as a club and shoot at the same time. We will be shooting the Frostbites on the first Sunday of every month and the Portsmouths in the first week of each month. There are quite a few members who shoot more than one discipline so they can shoot their second (and third) rounds at another time in the month.

We will be lighting the BBQ after shooting the Frostbite so please feel free to bring something to throw on after we shoot (bacon sarnies are especially suitable after a cold morning shooting πŸ˜‰).

Don’t forget, we are shooting indoors at Trebudannon on Wednesdays and Fridays with sessions starting at 4:30pm and 6:30pm.

You will still need to book to shoot for both the Frostbite and the indoor sessions.