Club Rules

These are the rules of the Club, as set by the Committee and amended from time to time. The Archery GB Rules of Shooting can be found here.

For clarity, the term “Senior Archer” in these rules is an archer who holds “Senior” status within the club, i.e. a keyholder who has been granted permission by the Committee to act as Field Captain; not any archer over the age of 18.

1 Shooting Rules
•    Shooting is only allowed when a Senior Archer or Key Holder is in attendance
•    All archers must enter their name in the register and pay the target fees before shooting.
•    All shooting will be in unison and under the control of a nominated field captain
•    All days of the year are deemed to be Target days.

2. Senior Archers/Key Holders
•    The general committee will consider each Archer individually and will award a key at their own discretion .
•    A  list of responsibilities/duties is to be given out with each key and a signed disclosure to be returned the club and kept on file.
•    A list of key holders/Senior Archers will be circulated to non key holders on an annual basis.

3. Juniors
•    Any member under the age of 18 is classed a Junior.
•    Any junior archer must be accompanied by a parent or nominated adult.
•    A junior member cannot be a key holder.
•    A minimum of 10 years of age but can be over-ridden at the discretion of the club coaches.

4. Use of Club Equipment.
•    Club equipment is available during the course of instruction but is not to be taken home.
•    Club equipment (if available) may be used until own equipment is purchased for a limited period only.
•    Club equipment is to be handled with care and is not to be abused.

5. Dress
•    AS per Archery GB rules for tournaments
•    No formal dress code on club nights

6. Target Fees
•    To be set by general committee and to be displayed in the clubhouse for all members to see.