Progress Awards Scheme

The Archery GB Progress Award Scheme is a progression of awards for new archers after completion of their Beginners’ Course. The awards will hopefully encourage and motivate new archers and recognise their achievements and progress within the club.


  • 5 colours of badge will be awarded – white, black, blue, red, gold. Badges will indicate Indoor or Outdoor.
  • Separate badges will be awarded for Indoor and Outdoor shooting. (60 cm 10 zone Indoors, and 122 cm 5 zone Outdoors. In addition, clubs may shoot on an 80cm face, 10 zone scoring, metric distances).
  • Indoor Compound shooting will be based on Inner Ten Ring scores.
  • Certificates and badges will be awarded by clubs at each level.
  • The standard for each colour will be set in line with that of Ladies/Junior Ladies AGB classifications – i.e. White standard is based on 3rd class – Gold is based on 1st class – with Black, Blue and Red graded in between.
  • Badges to be awarded to 5 age groups – U12, U14, U16, U18, Seniors. Clubs may offer an Over 65 group, using U16 scores.
  • No differentiation between genders.
  • All colours of badges can be gained again at each age level or bow type, in any order.
  • Find score requirements below.


  • Archers will be required to shoot 3 dozen arrows in a single session to gain a qualifying score.
  • Archers will be required to shoot 3 qualifying scores for each badge awarded.
  • 6 Sighters are required as a minimum: extra Sighters can be allowed at the discretion of the club but a “start scoring point” must be indicated.
  • More than one round can be shot in the same session/day.
  • Only one badge can be awarded for each qualifying set of 3 rounds.