Shoot What You Like Knockout Tournament

Since we came back from lockdown and have been lucky enough to shoot again, it has been fantastic to see so many of our members taking advantage of the booking slots available and shooting at different times throughout the week. The down side of this is that we don’t see so much of each other any more. You may have seen that the guidelines have recently been relaxed a little to allow two people from different households to shoot on the same target (maintaining social distance of course). To celebrate this we’ve been trying to come up with a way to get people back to shooting socially again.

Like a lot of clubs, we’ve missed out on running our annual open tournament this year, but that doesn’t stop us from running something within our own club. We have come up with something that, as far as I’m aware, we’ve never tried before: a knockout tournament. Unlike most tournaments, this won’t be restricted by round or age group. This will be run using the handicap system to make it a fair and level playing field for everyone. What that means is that the competitors can shoot whatever round they like from a York down to a Short Junior Warwick and the allowance granted by the handicap system will make the scores comparable. The only rules are that you must have a handicap before you shoot your matches and the matches must be shot at the same time as your opponent. There will be a time limit on how long you have to shoot the matches, eg. The first match must be shot within 3 weeks of the draw, etc. But that will all be announced as we go along. 

For now, if you would like to take part in the first ever Bowmen of Wadebridge Shoot What You Like (BOWSWYL) Knockout Tournament, please register with me by email ( stating your name and bowstyle. If you shoot more than one bowstyle you can enter once for each style if you like.

If you don’t know your handicap or don’t know how to get one, please get in touch with me and I can explain.