Autumn Have-a-Go

On Saturday 2nd September we ran our second have-a-go this year, the first taking place prior to the summer beginners’ programme.

That first have-a-go a slightly delayed AGB initiative – Start Archery Week, something the club has participated in during previous years. As has become the norm a donation bucket was displayed. We did however on both occasions this year run a raffle, the prize being a place on the beginner programme.

Both of this year’s have-a-go’s were blessed with good weather and so were the participants were able to see Colquite in all it’s glory; the helpers were great too, and as one of the organiser I would like to express my thanks to all who attended and as well as those within the club who helped to advertise the event via Socials and word of mouth.

The events and subsequent Beginners Courses have to the club funds and part of this will be allocated to beginner training equipment, especially arrows which take a beating. The ‘Snake’ bows obtained by Rob a season or two ago proved their worth, their suitability for have-a-go events cannot be surpassed being easy to use, dual-handed and low poundage. As usual it is always great to see our Juniors helping out and this is a great learning opportunity for all involved. Any formal feedback received by the club will obviously be forwarded on where applicable.

The club was able to set up a some equipment aimed at the under 8’s and this was well attended and provided a lot of fun. This is definitely a feature in future have-a-go’s.

The intention of running the have-a-go sessions just prior to beginner programmes is to boost the attendance and although a lot of interest is expressed this year specifically, this hasn’t necessarily translated into attendees however with a more robust approach to managing interest and contacting people regularly by phone prior to commencement its hoped the club can ensure the courses are fully booked, however the club also appreciates that with the current cost of living crisis disposable income is a commodity in short supply.

As a rule the beginner programmes on Sunday afternoons and although they have been successful the lack of flex makes it difficult for some people to attend, so the club is looking at the possibility of a programme to run at the Show Ground whereby we may facilitate those unable to do daytime training, once agreed further detail will follow.

So to end – thank you on behalf of the club to all those guest who attended and to the helpers that helped to make the day a success. As for 2024, we are hoping to repeat this year’s schedule of programmes, certainly offer two have-a-go’s, and maybe even one prior to the spring programme though tis is all very much – weather dependant.