2017 AGM

The Annual General Meeting was held on Thursday 26th October at Slades House, Sladesbridge. Thank you to all members who attended. Full minutes will be distributed to club members in due course, however following the appointment procedures, the committee is now as follows:

Chairman: Sandra Piper
Vice Chairman: Rob Williams
Secretary: Elaine Jones
Treasurer: Richard Jones
Postal Officer: Adam George
Membership Secretary: John Tizzard
Equipment Officer: Sean McArdle
Training Officer: Sandra Piper

The committee would like to thank our outgoing Chairman, Peter Scoffham and Vice-Chairman, Hedley Omant for all their hard work whilst in the office.

2017 Open Tournament

Thank you to everyone who shot at our open tournament today. Congratulations to all our medal winners, as well as to the Bowmen of Wadebridge club members who achieved new club records in their categories.

We would also like to say a massive thank you to all who helped to prepare the field for the day and to those who helped out with refreshments, field crew and score checking. The day would not have been successful without your hard work!

Click here for the full results list.

January Frostbite

Thank you to everyone who came to shoot the January frostbite today. It was fantastic to see so many people shooting, especially many of our new members! Despite the early drizzle, we had some good scores submitted with Karl, Rob and Richard making the A Team and Adam, Bryn and John T forming the B Team.

Don’t forget it’s the Portsmouth Postal this Wednesday 25th at the Scout Hut. Hopefully we’ll get as many shooting there!

2016 End of Season Tournament

Despite a poor weather forecast, the rain held off and a great day was had by all for our end of outdoor season tournament and postal shoots.

The morning consisted of Long and Short Warwick rounds for the postals and the afternoon saw everyone shoot Short Metric rounds for the Selby postal and club end of season tournament.

A special congratulations goes to our newest member, Tristan Young who shot for his first time at 30m and achieved a new club record in the Junior Gent’s Under 14 category for a Short Metric III.

Thanks to everyone who came to shoot and congratulations to our winners:

Place Member Category Bow Class Round Score Hits Golds
1st Elaine Jones Ladies Barebow Short Metric 194 42 1
1st Tristan Young Gentlemen U14 Recurve Short Metric III 311 57 2
1st Reece George Gentlemen U12 Barebow Short Metric IV 128 32 0
1st Adam George Gentlemen Compound Short Metric 579 69 17
1st Rob Williams Gentlemen Recurve Short Metric 618 72 17
2nd Richard Jones Gentlemen Recurve Short Metric 519 71 21
3rd Karl Grey Gentlemen Recurve Short Metric 487 72 16

After calculating the handicap allowance and aggregate score, the handicap results were:

Place Member Category Bow Class Round Score Hits Golds
1st Rob Williams Gentlemen Recurve Short Metric 618 72 17
2nd Karl Grey Gentlemen Recurve Short Metric 487 72 16
3rd Peter Scoffham Gentlemen Recurve Short Metric 466 68 15

2016 Open Tournament

On Sunday 3rd July we held our 2016 open tournament at the club ground on Colquite Estate. Despite the traditional damp start to the day, the sun soon made an appearance and a great day was had by all.

We shot Hereford and Bristols i-iv with one of our youngest entrants shooting a Short Junior National in the afternoon.

Our Judges for the day were Steve Allen and Peter Conisbee who did an excellent job of making sure everyone had a relaxed and enjoyable day with no major issues.

The club would like to say a big thank you to our Honorary President, Countess Pinky le Grelle, not only for allowing us to host the shoot for nearly 40 archers but also for her services as Lady Paramount for the day.

A huge thanks also goes to the unsung heroes who made up the working parties leading up to the tournament and for everyone involved on the day. Without the support and help of our members and their families, events like this could not happen.

The full results list from the day can be seen by clicking here.

The photos below are by Rob Williams (Wadebridge) and Mark Cardy (Lacetown). If you have any photos of the day you would like to share with us, please email them to shoot@bowmenofwadebridge.club or post them on our Facebook page.

May Postals

Last night we shot the Warwick postals for May and despite a poor weather forecast had a good number of archers come along and shoot.

Well done to everyone who shot and congratulations to Bryn, John Page and John Tizzard for achieving personal best scores in their respective rounds and to Elaine, who not only shot a personal best, but also shot a new club record!

The top 3 scores from each round make up the teams as follows:

Long Warwick (2doz @ 80 yards, 2doz @ 60 yards)
Member Hits Score Golds
Bryn Phillips 48 336 13
Rob Williams 47 325 15
Mike Stringer 47 321 12
Short Warwick (2doz @ 50 yards, 2doz @ 40 yards)
Member Hits Score Golds
John Page 48 344 16
Marie Hallworth 47 342 17
Steve Grimes 47 338 12


DCAS Grand Day 2016

Well done to everyone who shot at this year’s Grand Day, hosted by Exeter Company of Archers. The weather was chilly and overcast, but not as windy as last year and everyone who attended had a good afternoon of shooting. Congratulations to Marie Hallworth who placed third in the Ladies Recurve with a score of 506 and to Rob Williams who came first in the Gents Recurve with a score of 590.

The Posh Shed (an update)

WE HAVE A SHED!! The shed has no floor so you have to wipe your feet before you go outside, but it’s all but finished.

After a great effort from everyone who turned out to help, the footings were laid last week, with the shed being built yesterday, despite the showers and occasional hail/sleet storm. We were lucky enough to see some sun in the afternoon and even managed to get a quick bbq lunch in!

End of Indoor Season Tournament

Daffodils, lambs, new leaves on trees… They’re all sure signs, but there’s nothing like the end of season shoot to truly mark the start of Spring! Thankfully, it was a slightly overcast day and we weren’t stuck with shooting indoors while the sun was shining outside. That said, it was probably still warmer outdoors than in!

10 archers were able to make it to the shoot, including our youngest member, Reece George who took home the Junior Boy’s trophy.

Well done to everyone who shot, Especially Elaine Jones who won the handicap award with an aggregate score of 1487. Below are the full results from the day:

Gents Recurve

Position Archer Hits Score Golds
 1st Rob Williams 60 581 41
 2nd Mike Stringer 60 568 31
 3rd Bruce Fisher 60 538 17
4th Richard Jones 60 537 19
5th Hedley Omant 60 528 17
6th Bryn Phillips 60 504 10

Gents Compound

1st. Adam George: Score 568, Hits 60, Golds 29

Ladies Recurve

1st. Marie Hallworth: Score 529, Hits 60, Golds 15

Ladies Barebow

1st. Elaine Jones: Score 417, Hits 58, Golds 6

Junior Gents Barebow

1st. Reece George: Score 497

With the clocks going forwards next weekend, we will commence the long awaited outdoor season on Friday 1st April. Roll on Summer!

The Posh Shed

For anyone that has yet to come out of hibernation, the club has bought a log cabin style summerhouse to form a focal point for club activities at the ground.

The Skylar log cabin is 5.3m x 3.2m and will be positioned next to the stone shed at the field at Colquite.


Thanks to Steve Grimes, Mike Stringer and Hedley Omant, the three trees nearest the shed have been removed to make room and the roots were pulled up yesterday afternoon ready to level the ground.


There will be a working party organised in the next week or two to construct the clubhouse with a view to the grand opening to coincide with the start of the outdoor season.