May Postals

Last night we shot the Warwick postals for May and despite a poor weather forecast had a good number of archers come along and shoot.

Well done to everyone who shot and congratulations to Bryn, John Page and John Tizzard for achieving personal best scores in their respective rounds and to Elaine, who not only shot a personal best, but also shot a new club record!

The top 3 scores from each round make up the teams as follows:

Long Warwick (2doz @ 80 yards, 2doz @ 60 yards)
Member Hits Score Golds
Bryn Phillips 48 336 13
Rob Williams 47 325 15
Mike Stringer 47 321 12
Short Warwick (2doz @ 50 yards, 2doz @ 40 yards)
Member Hits Score Golds
John Page 48 344 16
Marie Hallworth 47 342 17
Steve Grimes 47 338 12