2015 AGM

To be held at Slades House Inn at 7:00pm on Thursday 12th November 2015

  1. Opening remarks by the Chairman
  2. Apologies
  3. Agreement of AGM Minutes.
  4. Matters arising from Last years AGM
  5. Reports. a Treasurer. b Records Officer c Postal officer
  6. Proposed Update of Committee (PS)

New posts
a. Executive Field Captain (incl records officer)
b. Equipment member
c. Social member

2 members of committee without post.

Rename Posts
a. Training member (formerly Beginners Co –ordinator)
b. Communications member (formerly webmaster)

  1. Election of Officers (subject to above):

a. Chairman (Nominee: )
b. Vice Chairman (Nominee: )
c. Secretary (Nominee: Elaine Jones)
d. Treasurer (Nominee:Richard Jones)
e. Executive field captain (Nominee: )
f. Equipment officer (Nominee: )
g. Social member (Nominee: )
h. Training member (Nominee: Sandra Piper)
i. Communications officer (Nominee: Rob Williams)
j. Child Protection Officer (Nominee: Elaine Jones)
k. Postal Officer (Nominee: Adam George)

For a more detailed insight into the Membership Officers’ roles & responsibilities, click here.

  1. Club subscriptions 2016/17
  2. Colquite club area – progress report (PS)
  3. New website

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