BOW SWYL Knockout

It’s Quarter Final time! Please arrange to shoot your matches no later than Sunday 6th September.

The draw has been done and the first round matches are listed below. There are a total of 20 entrants so there are only 4 matches in the first round, the winners of which will go on to round two. The first round matches are:

Hedley Omant (Recurve) [40] v John Tizzard (Longbow) [60]

Bob Arnold (Longbow) [61] v Adam George (Compound) [21]

Sean McArdle (Longbow) [58] v Glen Young (Recurve) [55]

Noah Wadsworth (Recurve) [76] v Rob Williams (Recurve) [25]

Welcome to the first ever Bowmen of Wadebridge Shoot What You Like Knockout Tournament!

The idea of the tournament is to get people shooting together and competing with each other on a level playing field. Scores will be calculated using the handicap system and matches will be drawn at random for the first round. The winner of each match will move up the heats until the final towards the end of the season.

Because this is a handicap tournament, it is very flexible. Juniors can shoot against Seniors, Longbows against Compounds and the results will be fairly balanced. The only rule is that matches must be shot together (not at separate times or on separate days). You can choose to both shoot the same round or shoot a different round. It’s entirely up to you! There will be no judges to oversee this tournament so fight amongst yourselves for line-cutters and bouncers! I would suggest scoring each other’s shooting as you would in a normal tournament. When you have each shot your rounds, please check your adding up (because I won’t be), sign your score-sheets and opponents countersign them. Take a photo of your sheet and email it to me. I will calculate the allowance for your round based on your handicap as of 9pm Sunday 26th July (shown in [ ] on the attached), publicise the scores and declare the winners of each match.

I am aiming to allow 2 weeks for each round to be completed with one week for the finals. This should mean the tournament is decided by the end of September. With this in mind, those shooting in the first round please arrange to shoot your matches no later than Sunday 9th August. If the match hasn’t been shot by then I will flip a coin to see who won.